Silk Screen Printing

  Silk Screen Printing is designated for one to six colors that consists of water-based ink. By popular demand, it is the #1 choice in creating a custom shirt. It is cost effective and will last for years to come. Keep in mind that the higher the quantity, the lower the price.

  Ink choices include standard color inks (black, yellow, blue, red, kelly green, etc.), flourescent ink (orange, green, yellow, pink), Jeweltone ink (small glitter flakes), or metallic ink (large metallic flakes). We are able to customize the color of ink to your needs based off the Pantone Matching System using only standard colors.

  Garment options are endless and we will do our best in finding what your after. Most garments can be printed on such as Tees, Tanks, Sweatpants, Shorts, Onesies, as well as, Blankets Towels, Gloves, Bags, and Notebook Sleeves just to name a few. Give us a call if you have an item in mind for printing and we can surely try and assist you with your needs!

  Dimensions for printing depend on the garment or item we print on. For example, a hoodie has a pouch that restricts long designs from being printed so it would have to be sized down to fit accordingly. As for a blanket, there is usually a large area available for print which makes the size of the design almost irrelevant. Dimensions of our Print Boards are listed to use as a guideline.

Largest Print Board - 16" x 16"

(Adult T-shirts, Towels, Blankets)

Medium Print Board - 14" x 14"

(Youth and Adult T-shirts and Hooded Sweatshirts, Bags)

Small Print Board - 8" x 14"

(Onesies - 4T, Bags, Tablet Sleeves)

Pant/Sleeve Board - 4" x 16"

Pocket Board - 3" x 3"

(Pocketed Tees)